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Global Market Entry & Acceleration Program (GMEAP), is a one-point program for ensuring your product reaching from your factory/warehouse/ or current market to the Global Market.

GMAEP is operated by MKS GENERAL TRADING LLC, a merger of a traditional with import, export, and trade house with marketing and advertising agency; ensuring distribution growth as well as brand positioning and digital growth.

GMAEP has strategically chosen Dubai, the United Arab Emirates as its Gateway to the World; enjoying being a tax haven, center transit point, and advanced infrastructure for global trade; UAE provides an efficient and dynamic global expansion start point.

There are various steps involved in GMEAP that can be catered in full or part as per the client’s requirement; however, we have named them below:

  1. Product Testing or/and Tasting
  2. Market Research & Analysis
  3. Product/Business Feasibility in UAE market.
  4. Product Registration
  5. Label Assessment, redesign and Approval
  6. Product Lab Test & Approval
  7. TRA &/or Excise Registration
  8. Trial Order
  9. Online Listing and Registration for third party e-commerce and own domain.
  10. Marketing to Distributors & Retailers.
  11. Company Registration and Set up
  12. Export – Import
  13. Custom Clearance, Logistics, and Warehousing
  14. Sales & Marketing
  15. Operations & Ongoing Marketing
  16. Client Servicing & Business Expansion (GCC)

The realized cost in investment would be USD 150000 to start; however, GMAEP can make this possible at a cost starting at USD 15000 ONLY!

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