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Global Market Entry & Acceleration Program (GMEAP) – From the Gateway to the world – United Arabc Emirates – to the World Market

Covid19 took the world by surprise and shock when it peaked in 2020; with the world shut down; large and small business alike came under its whip. For business that were setting up, startups had a worse at start expeirence.

However it is during this phase where MKS General Trading LLC, anticipated that more then ever GCC shall grow as a huge consumption market and the challenges of brands to expore, luanch and thrive in this market will become even more post the covid; and it is then that MKS put togther its expeirences of trading and developed a program i.e. Global Market Entry & Acceleration (GMEA) Program (P) which would help brands, products enter the into the Middle East market through the key entry gate of UAE – the gateway to the world market.

A Program that would be systematic, sttragetic, and sustainable providing ROI driven business opportunties, at a low entry cost and better chance of success.

The GMEA Program starts from a market analysis report which helps develop the entry strtagey with the 4 ‘P’s’ that is product, packaging, pricing and promotion; followed by the compalinces and registrttaion , marketing and distribution strategy and tie ups, first import, logitics, warehouseing and sales. The program further develops expansion oportunities with new product developmet, re export, new GCC and global market developments; making it gloabl channel partner.

Distribution developments including Modern Trade, General Trade, q-commerce, D2C, HORECA, white labeling, Cobranded, and reexport.

The Programs flexibility ensure thatthe growth of the business if above any agreements and it shall never hamper that; making it a “no Brainer’ as claimed by many bsusiness houses and partners who have been enrolled and partnered with the program.

Decade old international brands as well as sartups have found value in the GMEA Program and have seen steady market gorwth. MKS had more then 200 SKUs and 35 Brands at various capacities in the last 2.5 years with retention percent of 83%.

Product/brand mix includes Food & Beverage, Bags, Travel Accesories, electrnocis, Cosmetics, Nutrceuticals, Menustrual hygience, and commodoties.

Brand, Product interested in enroll in the GMEA Program contact

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